Of all the things I have not done, keeping a proper CV is one of them.  

The truth is I have done a few things.  Cool things that I really wanted to do.  Things that I have moved heaven and earth and reality to get done.  Things being shows.  But we can call them things you and I.  

It’s a ton of work.  Paperwork, email chains, making sure you can transport your finished pieces and pick them up afterwards.  You need to do follow up in cases of group shows because it is human to forget things.  I can do administrative tasks, it’s very coffee, just add tons of coffee to any admin situation.  So I understand from another person’s perspective what busy booking seasons look like.  

So that CV thing.  Yes that is another sort of thing.  Yes I know what I can a cannot reasonably accomplish.  Sitting down for two hours uninterrupted is going to require staying up past midnight after everyone else goes to sleep.  

There was also one time while I was at work when some supposed art dealer gave me his CV plus Valentine’s card inviting me to his Oscar party for “searching for sugarman”.

Now, I like to talk about art, listen to others talk about art, read up on art, blog about art, cyber stalk semi famous artists and critique their work etc.  (Kim Dorland can do better than miniature paintings of owls posted to Instagram IMHO).  But I am virtually only ever thinking purely academic thoughts and umm CVs at MPOW, not why I was hired.  Unless of course someone needs assistance writing one up on a public computer.  I have time for that, it’s in my job description. 

So when will I add one here? Perhaps next week, if I remember.  If I do not think it’s too weird to share it with you.  

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