When your expectations change.

As some of you may know, we had another child recently. It’s a very long story, having children. One with many different pieces to fit together, lots of emotions and a lot of waiting for that next phase when things get easier?

I was just into making a third series of work when I found out about the hiatus. I don’t really know how to describe to people who rank having children as more worthwhile than making art or working, how it feels to have to stop because of the chemicals involved. I love my kids, but I also love that I can do this thing that not many get to pursue.

Time and how it is spent become a juggling act. When I am reading them stories or making sure everyone is fed, often my mind is thinking of these images. So that when I do have a few spare moments I can work efficiently, having it all sorted out ahead of time. When I am working on this series I am thinking of the forth, a mostly jewel toned collection on a black ink background with various skylines drafted in gold. City worker stuff.

I need to clean up some of the work I have finished, complete the others and have a total of 16 16″x16″ images for this third series. Where things fall apart and the centre cannot hold. The frequency of the pausing is part of the work however, for without, it would not need to exist. It is about these moments, the still life, the decay of expectations.

It is okay to be a work in progress.

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